Jørgen Jacobsen Sonne

October 15, 1925 Copenhagen - September 9, 2015, Næstved

Cand. Mag in History and English (+French), thesis on a potent investor-bank and its net of cartels.
Museum jobs, with an excavation; teaching at all levels and at three universities; literary and dramatic work at the Danish Radio, and for theatres; esp. with 2 medieval miracle plays.

     Debut 1950, 17 collections of poems, 2 novels, a book of stories, and essays no end. – Translations from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish + Latin, from 1100 and on to date. Indirect! From Greek and Chinese. Especially African poetry of the 1960ies and popular poems, and the editing of texts from Norse legend, Elizabethan times, Greek folklore, the Arab desert, and India today.

     For a short time Vice-President and President of the Danish Pen Club. – A poem set to music by the Danish composer Per Nørgård. – 13 private, 13 official prizes, chiefly The State’s Disbursement for Lifetime.

     Translated into English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Latvian, Rumanian, Hungarian, Macedonian! (translator Boiomil Guzel: In Kulturen zivot. Makedonija. Gocina 10, broj 7/8 (septemvri/oktomvri 1975) p. 12) and Arabic.

     Documentation of Sardinian old-fashioned agriculture Folklore Archives in photos and recordings of classical.

     Thai nong thalung (masked drama) and the shadow play.

     Pictures of ceramics shown at The Artists’ Autumn Exhibition in the 1950ies, and in the 1990ies montages and a handy “nature art” on a range of exhibitions.